Welcome Summer; Bring It!

Hello to All! Who doesn’t love summer?! We’re ready to kick it off with Father’s Day and BBQ.

I’m a father of two great girls, who next to my wife are the most precious gifts I’ve ever received. A while back I wrote a little nod to my own dad, about pride and connection. My dad felt so much love for us, and I mirror that in my own children. It’s the most important job I have and I love it.

The next most important job I have and love is being Grounded. Hospitality and leading a team of excellent humans is an action of pure joy for me. I come to work having fun. That’s very lucky for me.

I want to be your good neighbour, the one who is here for you, knows your name, has your food and coffee. Has a quiet table for that important zoom meeting, or the large “Bear” table to gather with your other neighbours to talk about dog parks, Pride Parades, construction nightmares and the best places to lock up your bike! All over some BBQ, perogies, a brownie, beer or espresso; just as you would in your own neighbour’s backyard.

Our General Store, online ordering for takeout, and streamlined gastro-pub menu were all established out of necessity during the pandemic but are absolutely here to stay. I like the space between tables; I want to keep the dining room airy and comfortable. No need to pack ‘em all in just to turn over tables. Come in and stay a while.

Now for what we’re selling! This past year BBQ has been one of our most favourite and successful items. We’ve also been working extra diligently to build our menu with as much sustainability as possible, using local and seasonal. We’ve partnered with Ocean Wise Seafood program and will be working to introduce more seafood, which is fun and technical to cook, healthy and of course sustainable. Through Ocean Wise, we discovered a completely biodegradable takeout grill product. The company is donating 100% of its profits this month to Ocean Wise; We decided to join forces, carry the grill and combine it with a BBQ food kit. We will donate an additional $2 from every one sold.

This grill is AMAZING! We’ve even grilled a whole rainbow trout on it, right on our patio. It’s easily portable, flameless and with our food kit, it will be the source of envy and curiosity of everyone around on the beach, the hiking trail or your tailgate. It is the perfect Father’s Day gift. Check out the details here.

We all know how short summer can feel. This summer in particularly precious, long overdue, and so deserved. Enjoy it to the max and come get Grounded.



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