Happy Easter

Hello Grounded Nation;

It's one of the most special holiday times for me. I love Easter, the pastel colours, the air of spring and The Ten Commandments on TV! It is the start of a new season in more ways than one, and always a great time for me and my family reset.

Another shutdown is upon us, case counts are up, and there are still many out there who have been (and are still being) hard hit by this pandemic. My level of gratitude for all that we have been able to endure is as big as the splitting Red Sea.

I have heard many of my colleagues and neighbours express frustration and exhaustion over the situation. I feel the weight of the challenge and empathize with all the feedback, left and right. I know that the more I focus on what's been going well and continue to speak out loud about how thankful I am for the support that the Federal and Provincial governments have given me and Grounded, the less I have to complain about.

Thank you for all the financial subsidies and lockdown support. It has kept the doors open, the staff working and paid. It helps to keep on purchasing and paying local suppliers, to pay our bills, and to keep on doing what we love: cooking, creating, and of course, and serving you!

Together, let's stay focused on finding the wonderful Easter eggs hiding behind all the chaos.

The team and I will take the long weekend off. We're going to close up from Good Friday through to Easter Monday. We'll be back on Tuesday, open for takeout, delivery and pick-up. The weather is getting nicer so we'll open up the windows and bring our Contactless Pulley System back into action. Order online, support us when you can; we'd love to stock your fridge, freezer or cupboards with some of our custom roasted blends of coffee, our special house sauces, double-smoked bacon, handmade pasta with plant-based bolognese, or feed you and the family some delicious BBQ.

We're still here and grateful for it. Together we can endure. Keep looking and focusing on all the positive things that we can see in the future, it will get here! 

Ciao for now,


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